What do photos of mountains, oceans and travel have to do with being healthy?

We believe one of the best ways to stay motivated to eat healthy, exercise and care about your overall wellness is to have more experiences. You do not have to spend a ton of time, money or effort to be able to Live Life Fuller.  

Part of our  favorite ways to use being healthy (more energy, fit, stronger...) is to have more experience outside. We make a point to hike that trail, get our butt to the see the ocean. climb, ride, swim, kayak, run, ride... This does not have to be one of your reasons to be healthier (but it is pretty fun to see the sunrise on the top of a mountain or in the middle of the ocean :)

We know you have reasons other than: to look great in a swimsuit, or fit in a certain size , or have 6 pack abs.  And seriously, if you do not have ANY other health and fitness goals other than size or appearance you are missing out and this is probably not the option for you. (Everyone on our team think wanting a thigh gap as a goal is ridiculous)

We want you to join us and have a few more experiences, make another fun active memory and/or have an adventure this summer. This is something that helps us personally go to the gym when it is cold and raining for days, get us out the door when we want to push snooze one more time and help keep health and fitness a priority when we just DO NOT HAVE enough time to even think about exercising or eating healthy (We have and continue to struggle with this - but know how to prevail).

We know this program has the tools that really help to Kick your butt into gear to help make health and fitness a priority in your unbelievable busy life. Enough with focusing on dieting, gimmicks, snake oil supplements and programs that only focus on being thin or having 6 pack abs.  We offer real (professional) advice and plans and customized for busy people.

Questions: Feel free to ask : info@sportshealthexercise.com