Spring Training: to get my butt in gear for summer and life

Spring Training: to get my butt in gear for summer and life


Spring Training - 30 days to help me get my butt in gear with coaching, mentoring, and tried, tested and reviewed tools I need to succeed. 

 No gimmicks, crazy diet or exercise plans.


Personal Online Health assessment and coaching session to get you started off on the right track. (This alone is a difference maker and is cheaper than 1 session if you book elsewhere online or see me in person, at a hospital, rehab center or clinic)

  • Personal Coaching Session 

  • 30 daily email tips, hacks, links  and updates dealing with one area at a time

  • small  group coaching  teleseminar or webinar

  • Optional texts of daily tip ( studies show daily reminders, and nudges towards health increase better choices and overall adherence to fitness plans.

  • Kick your butt into gear workbook

  • Health and Fitness Assessment

  • Reviewed and suggested tools, books, websites, recipes, workouts

  • Tips, Tools, programs, workouts, recipes from other top health professionals

  • Ebook, guides, articles focused on family, travel, and wellness.

  • Tested and recommended programs with discounts pricing

  • Scores of other tools/resources

  • Expert guests including health and fitness experts that you have and can see on national TV and news programs)

  • Relevant updates after your ass has been thoroughly kicked

  • Plus: Option for In-person session if in Palm Beach County, Atlanta, Orlando ( if scheduling allows)

This will get your started and on your way to having more energy, being physically and emotionally stronger and improving numerous aspects of your overall health and well-being.

  • Cost: $197

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