Kick Me

Kick Me



2015 It IS time. Now. Two Available.

All of the above from the 30 and 60 day plans. 

Including 60 daily kicks and an addition 20 bite sized texts, nudges or check-ins with optional texts to keep on track throughout the holidays and into 2016 healthy,fit and ready for your next adventure.

Extended Weekly Office Hours 

*Weekly Phone Sessions for 12 weeks.

*Including 6 additional Sessions after your 60 day challenge, and 30 day and 60 day reviews, and coaching Recommend 1 a month until the end of the Year.

* An Additional 2015 Health review and 2016 Planning Session. Done in Dec or Jan.  (Total of 18 personal coaching sessions throughout 2015 until 2/2016)

If you have been waiting to take a real step toward long term changes in your health and well being this will get you there. 

Fitter, Stronger, Happier and Doing More. 

This will the only time I will be doing this. But I am really excited about changing your life. 

Cost: $1997* ( Only 2 available)


A detailed analysis of health profile and step by step guidance to improve each level of health that needs addressing ( HR, chol, BP, strength, flex, stress...)

 A professional detailed analysis of nutrition intake with easy to implement recommendations and suggestions.

45 day money back guarantee.


* A payment plan is available for two persons signing up together. Put you would like option Pay for for 2 on payment form. Purchase 'Kick Me" and a payment plan for the second person will be set up during the first coaching session. 

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