Exercise, Activity, Sport: Eating Disorder

Exercise, Activity, Sport: Eating Disorder


Exercise, Sport, Activity: ED Support

SPRING COACHING - To help figure out how Exercise, Sports and Activity fit in with my recovery including coaching, training and tools used to deal with boys image issues, stress, and health and fitness.*

 No gimmicks, crazy diet or exercise plans.


Personal Online Health assessment and coaching session to get you started off on the right track. (This alone is a difference maker and is cheaper than 1 session if you book elsewhere online or see me in person, at a hospital, rehab center or clinic)

  • Personal Coaching Session 

  • 30 daily email tips, hacks, links  and updates dealing with one area at a time ( Including body image, exercise avoidance, gyms, clothing, yoga, exercise for calorie burning, sports and easting disorders, reasons hate to exercise...) 

  • small  group coaching  teleseminar or webinar only for individuals struggling with an eating disorders boy image issues. 

  • separate small group for amateur, professional and college athletes and over trainers.

  • Optional texts of daily tip (studies show daily reminders, and nudges towards health increase better choices and overall adherence to fitness plans.

  • Exercise and Sport Therapy online worksheets

  • Health and Fitness Assessment

  • Reviewed and suggested tools, books, websites, recipes, workouts

  • Tips, Tools, programs, workouts, recipes from other top ED professionals

  • Tested and recommended programs with discounts pricing

  • Scores of other tools/resources

  • Quarterly messages, info and updates to keep the focus on health fun, fitness and away from ED issues.

  • Plus: Option for In-person session if in Palm Beach County, Atlanta, Orlando ( if scheduling allows)

This programs help you find and implement exercise, fitness and/sports in ways that will support, propeal and hope guide your recovery. physically and emotional strenghth stronger and improving numerous aspects of your overall health and well-being.

  • Cost: $197

  • Other options and personal coaching session may be purchased only after first personal coaching session.

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Doctors and therapist:

These are the topics* and areas you have asked me to cover with your patients and clients for the past 20 years. Not diets, fitness hype, gimmicks, supplements or any other nonsense will be encouraged. We may discuss these areas as they relate to ED,  body image (& athletic performance) struggles.

I will not be sharing any info about any of the participants, but am encouraging your clients to share with you and your team. If you have other questions, would like me to join a group session or team or have any other questions please to contact me directly. 


Tracy Benham


All info is presented as educational and is not intended for therapeutic sessions. Please see the Read Me page for more details.