Kick Your butt into Spring Training.

30 days of Daily butt kicking your Health and Fitness goals, ideals, Motivations, workouts...

Starting with a personal assessment and coaching session to get you off the bench and in training ( insert you fav. sports or other metaphor here :)

  • Personal Coaching Session 

  • 30 daily email tips, hacks, links  and updates dealing with one area at a time

  • group coaching ( various topics) teleseminar or webinar

  • Optional texts of daily tip ( studies show daily reminders, and nudges towards health increase better choices and overall adherence to fitness plans.

  • Kick your butt into gear workbook

  • Health and Fitness Assessment

  • Reviewed and suggested tools, books, websites, recipes, workouts

  • Tips, Tools, programs, workouts, recipes from other top health professionals

  • Ebook, guides, articles focused on family, travel, and wellness.

  • Tested and recommended programs with discounts pricing

  • Scores of other tools/resources

  • Relevant updates after your ass has been thoroughly kicked

  • Plus: Option for In-person session if in Palm Beach County, Atlanta, Orlando ( if scheduling allows)

This will get your started and on your way to having more energy, being physically and emotionally stronger and improving numerous aspects of your overall health and well-being.

  • Cost: $197

  • Bonuses: Including time sensitive and (size limited for a couple)

  • New: Everyone that joins us before summer 2015 will get a personal coaching session, and planning session for any member of family or friend

  • Kick It Into Gear Webinar to immediately find ways to implement a few key steps to and strategies to make - and - keep your health and fitness a priority without having to follow a complicated plan, diet or program.

  • Small coaching session with a national tv fitness expert. Who I convinced ( begged :) to do this as they do normally do online coaching and only work with Huge groups for thousands of $$$.

  • All group classes are optional (but these are the same type classes that people pay $$ to attend) Not all classes will be recorded.

  • Special class May 2015 - must purchase before May 1st to be able to attend: Exercise and activities for people struggles with eating disorders and body image issues. Eating disorder class will not be recorded or shared -  not even with your Dr or therapist (but you will be encouraged to discuss it with them).







2015 It IS time. Now. Two Available.

All of the above from the 30 and 60 day plans. 

Including 60 daily kicks and an addition 20 bite sized texts, nudges or check-ins with optional texts to keep on track throughout the holidays and into 2016 healthy,fit and ready for your next adventure.

Extended Weekly Office Hours 

*Weekly Phone Sessions for 12 weeks.

*Including 6 additional Sessions after your 60 day challenge, and 30 day and 60 day reviews, and coaching Recommend 1 a month until the end of the Year.

* An Additional 2015 Health review and 2016 Planning Session. Done in Dec or Jan.  (Total of 18 personal coaching sessions throughout 2015 until 2/2016)

If you have been waiting to take a real step toward long term changes in your health and well being this will get you there. 

Fitter, Stronger, Happier and Doing More. 

This will the only time I will be doing this. But I am really excited about changing your life. 

Cost: $1997 ( Only 2 available)

Please Purchase the 'Spring Training program and put in the comments KICK Me. I will send a message scheduling your first call and a link to upgrade to this program.


A detailed analysis of health profile and step by step guidance to improve each level of health that needs addressing ( HR, chol, BP, strength, flex, stress...)

 A professional detailed analysis of nutrition intake with easy to implement recommendations and suggestions.

45 day money back guarantee.


Pre-Season training to Kick Off Summer

Includes all of Spring Training and and continues through Pre-Season to your awesome summer.



30 additional butt kicking days.

Additional group coaching or teleseminar calls

3 additional personal coaching calls. (4 total)

Weekly Office Hours to help get questions answered immediately.  

Fall, Winter or Jan. 2016 Check in/up personal coaching and planning session

You can make some real progress with the added bonus of a bit more time for personalization of your workouts, nutrition goals, and it open up some options for fun, fit concerns like training, travel and adventure.

Cost: $497

If you are interested in this program. Please purchase the 'Kick it into Spring - Spring Training program. Please enter Pre-Season in the comment section on the order form. I will send a to schedule you for your first session and to upgrade this  option.


New: Everyone that joins us before summer 2015 will get an additional 2 personal coaching sessions for a family member or friend.

Additional options for In-person session if in Palm Beach County, Atlanta, Orlando

Small group coaching class geared towards and for health professionals

Small group coaching class for individuals training for a race or adventure or wanting to). One of the reason we have all of these outdoor and travel pictures on this site is to support you having new adventures!

Looking forward to getting you on your way to a fit and active summer!