It is Time. Now.

Kick Your Butt Into Gear.

What if you were able to actually fit in time to exercise, have more energy,  make/have a few more healthy meals, and add some much needed summertime fun?


How to Kick Your Butt Into Gear is a 30, 60 or 90 day online course and coaching program that takes an unconventional, intimate approach toward understanding and addressing your struggles that surround making keeping health and fitness a priority in your life. Not one size fits all. No gimmicks or hype. No ‘miracle programs, supplements. Just clear, concise, easy to follow and implement, plans, advice, tips and it's kind of like having a personal trainer, nutritionist and life coach on speed dial. You are not going to fall by the wayside on this program. I want every person that joins this small group of dedicated individuals to finally find the Formula/Habits/Structure to get and stay fit this summer!



If you’re serious about dramatically improving your health and fitness  this is for you. This course will help you:

  • Establish daily routines that are surprisingly easy to implement and often enjoyable to those of you who do not like to embrace health and fitness.

  • Learn how to incorporate small hacks, tips and routines to be able to increase your energy almost immediately.

  • Improve the health references points that really matter, (Strength, HR, BP, Chol)

  • Discover that by not focusing  only on weight loss you will be much happier about your overall wellness (and weight loss is a bonus NOT the end all be all*)

  • Embrace the body that you have today. Start working immediately to appreciate what you can do. And then do be able to Go, Do and See.

  • Find  and be able to implement at least 10 ways to easily change your eating and dining habits.

  • Be able to find the right activities, sports or fitness plan that works with your time, interests, energy, availability.

  • Address issues like family fitness, healthy travel, and being fit for adventure or experiences that your are dying to go on.

  • Exploring options and reasoning around numerous methods to increase  your overall well being including meditation, stretching, yoga, weight training, walking, various sports and activities and more.  .

  • Deal with issue like clutter, stress, sleep and more that are impacting your health way more that you realize.


Course, Coaching and Syllabus

This course is 30 consecutive days of butt kicking ,issue tackling and coaching you towards more energy, strength health and happiness.Think of this as a 30 day challenge with support, guidance and team support.

These topics are THE ones that I have seen hold people back from better health and happiness. Not everything will apply to you (thankfully I know you are doing lots of things right). But these are the areas that no one deals with since they are don't have sexy titles to sell you junk and programs you don’t need ( 10 pounds to better sex life, lose 5 inches and still eat fast food every day).

Class starts Apr  2015  there is also a 60 day and a 90 day versions, for those that really serious about taking advantage of the personal coaching and mentoring.  The course includes:

  • 30 (60, 90)  daily email tips, hacks, links  and updates dealing with one area at a time).  5-6 days a wk.

Topics including:

Simple Fitness and exercise motivations that you can actually fit in your busy day to get you moving

Eating without dieting is a key

Waiting for the perfect time keeps you anxious and unfit,Setting deadlines rarely works

Clutter, dirt and clothing

Hating to exercise - how that can work in your favor

Body image issues are messing up your fitness and what to do about them

Thin as a goal is worthless

Nudges and accountability don't have to be hard

If you work at home you need to get your butt out the door,

1 minute of a happy dance can work wonders


Everyone has an area(s) that I have seen in tons of clients and patients and these are the ones that keep holding you back from achieving real health and enjoying a more active life.

Also Included:

  • Optional texts of daily tip ( studies show daily reminders, and nudges towards health increase better choices and overall adherence to fitness plans.

  • Kick your butt into gear workbook

  • Health and Fitness Assessment

  • Reviewed and suggested tools, books, websites, recipes, workouts

  • Tips, Tools, programs, workouts, recipes from other top health professionals

  • Ebook, guides, articles focused on family, travel, and wellness.

  • Tested and recommended programs with discounts pricing

  • Private Kick It Into Gear online community

  • Scores of other tools/resources

  • Relevant updates after your ass has been thoroughly kicked

  • Extra Bonus for Coaching Individuals in Palm Beach County, Atlanta or Orlando: Option to book a coaching session in person




You can get and stay healthy-- I know firsthand. Not only have I worked with thousands of patients (including professional athletes, CEOS, and even heart patients right after surgery, written and produced health and fitness video seen by over a million online viewers and published health and fitness books; I’ve personally taught over a thousand clients and patients how to customize a health and fitness program to fit their unique lifestyles.

Lack of time, physical concerns, injuries, disease and eating issues can all be addresses.

I had to get multiples degrees in exercise physiology and spend 20 yrs to be able to find simple solution and plans to keep health and fitness a priority for my patients, clients and even myself. I did the work so you don’t have to deal with all the nonsense that surrounds your health  and wellness.

I spent years in lectures, labs, gyms, sports fields and hospitals to be able to give people these tools, so that they can be able to personalize their needs with easy to use systems and tools.

You can get  - and - stay fit without spending hours doing exercises you hate, dieting and being miserable.

After years of fellow healthcare professionals (doctors, therapist, PT’s) asking me when I am going to run more groups I have decided now is the time.  (I ran many weekly didactic, coaching and training groups at hospitals, clients and schools for over 10 yrs)

I am only running this group this spring and summer and for a few professionals until the end of the year. I will not be running another program like this in 2016 and most likely never again.

Kick Your Butt Into Gear: Enroll Now

The  entire course has limited spaces to make sure there is individual attention and solutions can be found for everyone taking the course.  As such, there are only a few spots open for the Pre-Season and KICK ME options. All coaching clients will also get a special 2016 bonus. And everyone that takes the  course will also get the option to join our favorite, holiday bootcamp program next fall.   

So what are you waiting for.   I can and will help Kick Your Butt into Gear to help you have a great summer!


If you were sent to this page by your healthcare professional,  they know me or my company personally. Please have them contact me if they have any questions.

They know I never focus solely on weight loss* ( doesn't work , so why is it that is all anyone hears about???).

* If weight loss is your  only  goal and you can not think of any other reason to improve your health, fitness, self -esteem, and happiness, this is not the program for you.  If you do need to lose weight and even if you incorporate only a handful of these tips that will usually happen. But after helping over 100,000 people either personally or in group classes, I know long term meaningful gains in health and happiness  usually only happen when you ignore the hype and figure out a way to change a few of your daily habits.

** Depending on plan chosen. All three options have a limited numbers of spots in them. I really want to make the difference for a small group of people this summer. I am looking forward to you being one of them.

Kick My Butt Into Gear

”Tracy Benham was our most referred and requested exercise physiologist at Mariners Hospital. Almost every physician referred their patients or came to her personally when they had an exercise, fitness, or wellness question about one of their patients. Numerous staff members including surgeons, physicians, physical therapist and nurses regularly worked with Tracy to improve their health and wellness. Ms. Benham patients showed clear health improvements whether it was for weight loss and strength training, during cardio or pulmonary rehab or after surgery. We were sorry to see her leave, but continue to refer.”

Dr. Stan Zuba MD,

Chief of Staff

Mariners/Baptist Health South Hospital

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